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The Valuable Perfection of Christ: How Jesus Paves Our Approach to God

How can Scripture say that there was a time when Jesus wasn’t “excellent”? Twice we’re advised that Jesus was made excellent (Hebrews 2:10; 5:9). Hebrews even goes on to attach perfection with cleaning from sin. Outdated Testomony sacrifices couldn’t “make excellent,” cleanse, take away responsible emotions, or “take away sins” (Hebrews 10:1–4). Yikes! Did Jesus actually begin his life as an imperfect human needing to be cleansed from sin? That doesn’t match with what the Bible says somewhere else, even in Hebrews, the place we’re advised that Jesus did not sin (4:15). How can Scripture say that Jesus needed to be perfected, join perfection with sin, and nonetheless affirm that Jesus was sinless?

The Bible solutions these questions in a stunning method. The perfecting of Jesus isn’t some embarrassing actuality to paper over. As a substitute, Hebrews insists that Jesus’s perfection was “becoming” — good, proper, acceptable (2:10). We’re advised, in reality, that had Jesus not been perfected, then God’s story wouldn’t be excellent news. To listen to the Bible’s stunning reply to why the sinless Jesus needed to be perfected, now we have to start out in the beginning of the Bible’s story — with Adam.

Adam’s Imperfection

We had been created to dwell completely in God’s presence. That’s the purpose of God’s story. It’s the place God’s story will someday finish and, subsequently, the place it’s been headed from the start (Revelation 21:3). God desires to be our God within the excellent and everlasting place he’s ready for us (Hebrews 8:10; 9:11; 11:16). To succeed in that finish, to enter and stay in God’s presence, people should be perfected. Humanity’s authentic glory and worldwide dominion needed to develop into everlasting glory and dominion. For that to occur, Adam, our consultant, wanted to belief and obey God.

He didn’t.

As a substitute, he disbelieved in God’s goodness and disobeyed God’s phrase. Because of this, humanity misplaced its authentic splendor. We misplaced our authentic splendor, turning into diminished in glory and restricted in our dominion. Hebrews 2 tells this unhappy story. It’s why perfection in a post-Adam, post-fall-into-sin world now requires unwavering belief in God and forgiveness. Religion alone received’t excellent us any longer now that now we have crimson on our ledgers. One thing needs to be carried out about our sin too.

Jesus’s Perfection

That is the world Jesus entered and the humanity Jesus assumed. Hebrews doesn’t inform us how Jesus was “made like [us] in each respect” (2:17) whereas nonetheless avoiding guilt by affiliation with Adam. Different locations within the Bible give us hints. (Examine Matthew 1:18–25 and Luke 1:26–38 with Romans 5:12–21.) Hebrews solely tells us that Jesus was like us and that he lived his human life full of religion and free from sin, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit (Hebrews 2:13; 4:15; 9:14).

“Jesus did what Adam didn’t. And since he did, he reached humanity’s purpose.”

Jesus, in different phrases, did what Adam didn’t. And since he did, he reached humanity’s purpose. He was made excellent (5:9). Humanity’s authentic future — superiority to angels, glory, and dominion — is now his completely (1:5–13; 2:9). Even his physique is now “indestructible” (7:16), since perfection takes away even the potential for mortality. It’s this new standing, subsequently, that makes Jesus match to dwell proper the place God meant people to dwell — in his presence perpetually (1:3; 11:16; 12:28).

However that’s solely half of the story. In any case, the Bible doesn’t simply say it was becoming for Jesus to be perfected, however perfected “by struggling” (2:10). It’s a two-word phrase we can’t dwell with out!

Our Perfection

When Jesus entered God’s presence, he went there forward of us, not as an alternative of us. He’s like Daniel Boone, a pioneering trailblazer who paved the best way for others to observe him. That’s precisely how Hebrews describes Jesus (2:10; 12:2). It’s additionally why Hebrews received’t allow us to overlook that Jesus wasn’t merely perfected however was perfected by struggling.

He ran his race. He succeeded the place Adam had failed. He trusted and obeyed all the best way to the cross. And he did all this for us. His last act of religion offers us a solution to wash our sins clear and be a part of him in God’s presence.

Hebrews tells the story like this: Throughout Jesus’s last days, he prayed and prayed that God would rescue him from loss of life and reward his sinless life with perfection. God — we’re advised — heard Jesus’s request exactly due to his “reverent submission” (5:7 NIV). God listened to Jesus as a result of Jesus listened to God all his life. Jesus ran his troublesome race and, alongside the best way, realized what it meant to belief and obey God by thick and skinny. Because of this, Jesus crossed the end line and was made excellent and, at the exact same time, turned the “supply” of our perfection (5:9). Jesus completely handed his check of religion, and his handed check perfects us!

Valuable Perfection

Had Jesus not been perfected, then we couldn’t be perfected. There wasn’t another solution to attain the top of God’s story. Hebrews desires us to see this so clearly that it tells us 4 valuable items we’d lose had Jesus not been perfected.


First, we’d lose our excellent instance. Had Jesus come as an already-perfected human, then he couldn’t be our instance. His human expertise would have been too completely different from our personal to be helpful. That’s why Jesus got here not solely as one not but perfected but in addition as one lowered, diminished, and restricted. He got here as a publish-Adam, publish-fall-into-sin human like us.

Sure, he was sinless and innocent. Had he not been, then his last act of obedience would have lacked the efficiency our sins required (Hebrews 9:14). However he was, nonetheless, weak and vulnerable to struggling in a method pre-fall Adam — God’s “superb” humanity (Genesis 1:31) — was not (Hebrews 2:15, 18; 4:15; 5:7). Buddies, it’s Jesus’s instance, his likeness to us, that evokes our race of religion. That’s what it’s meant to do. Jesus is just like the wonderful runners of previous (11:1–40), solely so a lot better (12:1–2).


Second, we’d lose our excellent priest. Had Jesus not been perfected, had he not skilled our human situation, he couldn’t be our priest (2:17–18; 5:1–10). In any case, monks are chosen from “amongst” others similar to them (5:1). How else might they hope to “sympathize with our weaknesses” (4:15)?

It’s additionally Jesus’s sinless expertise of our human situation that qualifies him for a singular priesthood. Solely a human with an indestructible life may very well be appointed to the final priesthood and, subsequently, present his friends with the perfection different monks couldn’t (7:11, 16–17; 9:1–10; 10:1–4, 11–14). As a result of Jesus sinlessly suffered, as a result of he faithfully trusted and obeyed to the purpose of loss of life, he reached humanity’s purpose. And his physique was made completely immortal, qualifying him for an everlasting priesthood. The struggling, the turning into excellent, nevertheless, was important. Jesus couldn’t be the priest we want with out it.


Third, we’d lose our excellent covenant mediator. Had Jesus not been perfected, then he couldn’t give us entry to God’s greatest and last guarantees. It’s Jesus’s last act of devoted obedience that unleashes the guarantees God made in his new and last covenant (8:6, 8). There God promised to make a method for people to dwell with him perpetually, to do for them what Adam had not. He promised to sew excellent religion and obedience into their minds and hearts (8:10). However he couldn’t do that with out first taking away their sin. Perfection in a post-Adam world requires religion, however it additionally requires forgiveness. Within the new covenant, God gives each by Jesus’s faith-filled loss of life (9:15–28).


Lastly, we’d lose our excellent king. Had Jesus not been perfected, then Jesus couldn’t be our king. As Hebrews tells us, it was Jesus’s lifetime of devoted obedience that prompted his enthronement. “You’ve got cherished righteousness and hated wickedness; subsequently God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness past your companions” (1:9).

Later, Hebrews particularly attracts consideration to Jesus’s last act of devoted obedience. “We see . . . Jesus, topped with glory and honor as a result of of the struggling of loss of life” (2:9). It’s Jesus’s loss of life — his last act of devoted belief in God — that led to his enthronement as our king. And it’s this king who triumphs over each one among our enemies (1:13; 10:13), together with our final enemy, the satan (2:14–15). Earlier than Jesus was perfected, earlier than Jesus died, we had been slaves to the king of loss of life. However now that Jesus has died, we serve a brand new and higher Lord (13:20).

God’s Good Story

Removed from being an embarrassing subplot in God’s grand story, Jesus’s perfection is the story’s becoming and stunning climax. It’s the explanation we will name God’s story good. It’s the best way — the solely method — we will attain the story’s finish. How valuable certainly is Jesus’s perfection.

We wouldn’t need the story advised another method.

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