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Some Large AI Issues: The Eliza Impact and Extra

From the Cool Cat Instructor Weblog by Vicki Davis

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Sure, everyone seems to be speaking about AI.  Nonetheless, how do the considerations about AI apply to our school rooms right this moment? Tom Mullaney talks about considerations with:

  • The Eliza impact – the place folks attribute human traits corresponding to belief and credibility, to text-generating computer systems. This may be harmful when mixed with the biases and inaccuracies inherent in giant language fashions and is significant for educators to know as we discuss AI with college students.
  • The considerations about utilizing AI as “visitor audio system” even for one thing seemingly “innocent” like “the water cycle.”
  • Considerations with humanizing AI.
  • Discussing the “On the Risks of Stochastic Parrots” paper by Dr. Emily M. Bender et all which discusses the moral points and harms of huge language fashions, together with bias and environmental racism.
  • Debunking the parable that AI can have values and beliefs.
  • Sensible purposes of AI within the classroom
  • The challenges of citing generative AI within the classroom.
  • Why it’s important to show about AI’s moral implications and encourage essential pondering with using AI within the classroom.
  • Why educators ought to keep knowledgeable about AI to allow them to information college students to successfully and responsibly use the AI that’s turning into embedded of their know-how.

Scroll all the way down to hearken to right this moment’s podcast or watch the YouTube video as we speak concerning the main issues with AI in right this moment’s school rooms.

📝 The place are the transcripts? Apple Podcasts now creates automated AI transcripts which can be higher than these I could make with my instruments. I like to recommend listening to Apple Podcasts and utilizing their transcript characteristic if you’d like the transcript. Now, you’ll be able to contact and maintain a podcast episode to disclose an choice to view a transcript. We aren’t liable for typos or misspellings in AI-generated transcripts.

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Artificial intelligence imitates humans. That's what it does. It imitates humans, but it's not a human... I really stress with my students, we don't call it a he or she. AI is an it. It's a tool. It supports us and it has to have its proper role." Vicki Davis, Classroom teacher in episode 855 of the 10 minute teacher podcast

Episode 855 – the ten Minute Instructor Podcast

Some Large AI Issues: The Eliza Impact and Extra

Tom Mullaney, former Particular Training Instructor and Educational Design Coach

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    YouTube Video (Will go stay inside 12 hours of the podcast launch)

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    Tom Mullaney – Bio as Submitted

    Tom Mullaney (he/him) is a former trainer who makes use of his Particular Training and Educational Design background to assist academics design inclusive classes with creativity, collaboration, and enjoyable. Tom’s public schooling expertise contains Particular Training, Social Research, academic know-how teaching, and digital design. He’s an Adobe for Training Artistic Educator Innovator and Google for Training Licensed Innovator and Coach who has spoken at nationwide conferences together with SXSW EDU, the Nationwide Council for the Social Research, and ISTE.

    Weblog: https://tommullaney.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TomEMullaney

    Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tommullaney/

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TomEMullaney

    Disclosure of Materials Connection: This can be a “sponsored podcast episode.” The corporate who sponsored it compensated me through a money fee, present, or one thing else of worth to incorporate a reference to their product. Regardless, I solely suggest services or products I imagine will probably be good for my readers and are from firms I can suggest. I’m disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Commerce Fee’s 16 CFR, Half 255: “Guides Regarding the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Promoting.”

    The put up Some Large AI Issues: The Eliza Impact and Extra appeared first on Cool Cat Instructor Weblog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher serving to educators be glorious each day. Meow!

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