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He Solved a Medical Thriller and Finds a Key to Alzheimer’s Illness in Easy Amino Acid

A view over Guam’s coastal cities – Dorothy CC 2.0.

For over decade, huge pharma has been pouring billions into drug trials for Alzheimer’s illness remedies with out progress.

However what if there have been a neuroprotective compound with higher early-stage outcomes than any developed pharmaceutical sitting proper on our dinner plates?

That’s what Dr. Paul Cox could have found after fixing the thriller of neurodegenerative illness on Guam, the place within the Nineties, the charges of ALS and Alzheimer’s-like signs had been 120% larger than in the remainder of the world.

Dr. Cox would finally uncover that cyanobacteria, the identical lifeforms that make inexperienced algae, produce a pure toxin known as BMAA that was seeping into bushes on the island. The bushes would then develop seeds wealthy within the toxin—seeds that had been eaten by flying fox bats, which in flip had been hunted by locals for protein.

The BMAA was then poisoning the locals and inflicting, as Dr. Cox put it, deaths from neurodegenerative ailments in “each household” that he spoke to. In 2003, Cox advised the world about it.

“Once we realized that cyanobacteria may be the offender, it was like staring into the abyss as a result of we realized you might be uncovered anyplace,” Dr. Cox advised CNN in a mini-doc, who didn’t in any sense say that cyanobacteria was the reason for Alzheimer’s, however that it was a “threat issue.”

Looking for to know and quantify the toxicology of BMAA, Dr. Cox ran a trial by means of his non-profit, the Mind Chemistry Labs on the Institute for Ethnomedicine, Jackson. What he found was that when monkeys got the poisonous BMAA plus an amino acid known as L-serine, the neurotoxic impact was decreased by 85%.

L-serine is nothing magical—it’s one in every of many non-essential amino acids we eat in our diets. Amino acids collectively symbolize what’s labeled on meals merchandise as ‘protein.’

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L-serine is present in eggs and meat, in addition to edamame, tofu, seaweed, and candy potatoes in decrease quantities.

Seeing the dramatic protecting results that L-serine conferred upon the monkeys, Dr. Cox took the info to the FDA and arrange medical trials to research this easy amino acid as a attainable remedy for Alzheimer’s.

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The final a part of this fascinating story is that Dr. Cox wasn’t skilled as a neurologist, however somewhat an ‘ethnobotantist’—he research how human cultures use vegetation for drugs. On the island of Okinawa, a ‘Blue Zone’ well-known for its longevity, Dr. Cox found that the residents of Ogimi Village consumed on common about 400% extra L-serine than the common American.

This observational proof mixed along with his lab information has given Dr. Cox super confidence that his placebo-controlled trial Alzheimer’s sufferers supplementing with L-serine will produce the products, and that this easy dietary element may very well be the primary off-the-shelf remedy for Alzheimer’s.

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